UZB7 doesn't talk to C5 but does to PC Controller

I have an older C5 that's been sitting for some time (maybe I should just upgrade?).
I'm trying to get it working again but it seems the UZB7 doesn't talk to the Hubitat?
I can put the UZB7 into my PC and the Z-Wave PC Controller can reset it and join devices and it works fine.
I plug it into C5 and it doesn't seem to recognize it at all?
Are there any logs I can view? I can't tell if it even recognizes the UZB7.
I did a factory reset of the C5.
It's running

Based on my experience the UZB7 is only to be used externally as a secondary controller. The C5 hub has its own built-in Z-Wave and zigbee radios, and to support the UZB7 I believe the hub would need the correct USB/serial driver

Just remembered, outside of the USSA the C5 hubs used an external Z-Wave dongle, but not sure it supports the UZB7 , as that was released after the C5, and the C5 doesn't likely have the correct driver, depending on the serial/USB chipset used in the UZB7.

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