Using ZGM in RL and other questions

I have a basement room area that has 3 zigbee switches (Inovelli Blue) and 2 zigbee outlets. I would like to be able to command them as a group to go on and off or adjust level when any of the 3 switches are used. I was thinking this would be a good use case for ZGM but I'm struggling to make that work. I have set the option for ZGM in my RL app but in the logs it appears that it is still sending separate commands for each switch:

Based on what I read on Inovelli forums, I'm was thinking I should be able to activate the group by binding the RL app ID to the switches, but that doesn't seem to work.

So I set the switches up as activation devices which works but the problem is that if I setup all 3 switches as activation devices, I get the on and off commands issued 3 times as each of them turning on triggers the sequence again. I assume this is what the "Use physical switch only?" toggle is for, but when I check that, it doesn't register the event at all (even though I'm "using the physical switch").

Would appreciate any help along these lines:

  1. Should I be able to get ZGM working with these switches and this group for on/off/level and how?
  2. If not, how can I at least limit the on and off to executing once yet still being able to activate from any of the 3 switches?

This is what my app looks like:

I'm pretty sure ZGM can only do one "thing" in terms of a command, so in this case, the activation won't happen via ZGM since on/off switches and dimmers-on-at-#% are mixed together.

@bravenel, please correct if my broad-brush statement there is incorrect.

ZGM is useful when turning numerous things just on or off, or when setting numerous lights to the same level/color -- those are examples of just one command that gets blasted out.

I took the two outlets out so there are only the 3 switches, all being activated at the same 30% level and there is no change in behavior per the logs, still 3 commands being issued.

I don't believe "regular" RL activation ever uses ZGM, and in your case that appears to be how it's activated (via one if your activation events). I believe it will use ZGM via the activator device only.

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I see, so that doesn't really help me unless I tie the switch to the activator device via another rule or something.

How about my activation problem - how do I activate all these lights without tripling the activation commands (which I believe leads to some weird issues like sometimes the lights come on then quickly revert to 1% level). Not to mention it's 3x the traffic.

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