Using zensys (Z-wave PC controller) to remove ghost nodes

Hey All,

I have a C-5 hub, and a secondary zwave stick (Homeseer). and I'd like to clear out some ghost nodes in my zwave setup. I've got a couple duplicates of one of my schlage locks (failed attempts to pair it, re-pair it, etc).

Can I use zensys to remove it somehow? If so, someone have good directions for that?


Think it worked just selecting the node that was a ghost, and hitting "remove failed". I did a refresh ("Update" in Z-Wave PC Controller) and it didn't show the ghost anymore.

Would love to hear if this is correct, if there's some way to check on the hub itself to see what all it thinks exists, etc.

I have loaded the new controller software. Have the zooz stick and the Simplicity software sees the stick. Now how do I see the nodes

Great guide here: