Using triggers to control duty cycle time

I'm a newbie and wrote my first rule to throw a virtual switch when I fire up a wood burning stove in my home, then every 15 minutes cycle the air handler fans on for 15 minutes, then back to auto for 15 minutes to circulate the warm air through the house, until I turn the switch off to set the fans back to auto. I am using a cron trigger to do this every 15 min. However, I would like to vary the duty cycle, e.g., 5 min on, 10 min auto, 5, 10, ... for better control. Any suggestions on how to do this would be appreciated. In my rule below, I have two thermostats and a virtual switch (Jotul Stove).


Following the Fan: on, you could setup a wait for 5 minutes, then sent a Fan: Auto, or you could add the Fan:Auto command after the fan:On command with a 5 minute delay (using the “Delay” toggle).

The first option would automatically cancel your 5 minute delay if the rule is re-run within the 5 minute. The second would schedule a transition to auto after 5 minute.

Are you suggesting to do away with the IF block to check the state, and replace the entire action with a simple Fan:On command, delay x(<15) min , then Fan:Auto, still under the 15 min trigger?

Exactly. If the if condition serves no other purpose, replacing it with a wait or delay should provide you with what you are looking for.

Triggering does not appear to be working correctly. When I run action from the app, the action itself works. However, it does not seem to trigger correctly when I flip switch on from the dashboard. Any ideas?

I have to take the last reply back. It appears to be triggering on the 15 min mark, so 15 min after the hour. Will verify in 15 min at 30 min past the hour. Desire is to turn on immediately when I turn on the switch, then trigger every 15 min thereafter, not necessarily at 0, 15, 30, 45 past the hour.

If you want to trigger with the switch and then every 15 minute, you will want to use the switch as your trigger.

You can then do a repeat every 15 minutes until the switch is turned off.

That did the trick. Thanks for the help.

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