Using the Inovelli switches in the Groups & Scene App

Love Hubitat! Just came over from Vera (after years with SmartThings too) and the platform is awesome.

I have been trying to consolidate all my scene logic into the built-in "Groups and Scenes" app. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to associate a scene with the buttons on the Inovelli RED switches.

I have the Inovelli switches working great on their own (I installed the device code, child code, etc). They work great in Rules Machine because I am able to associate a rule with a button number and a button action (pushed, held, etc). For instance, my "Kitchen All On" rule is triggered by "Button 1 PUSHED" on the Kitchen Inovelli switch.

In Groups and Scenes, I can only associate a scene with button number (ie, Button 1 versus Button 1 PUSHED).

Am I doing something wrong? I am thinking the "Groups and Scenes" app needs to incorporate the button action logic from the Rules Machine?

Thanks for your help!

You can't associate anything in the scenes app. in the scenes app you can add a button to be pressed when a scene is activated. That's all.

The scene app creates a scene control virtual device. What you have to do is tie the button press on the inovelli to activating the scene device in something like Rule Machine. So, when the button is pressed, the scene device is turned on, for example.

Thanks for clarifying @M874585684875! I get it now.

I create my scenes in Groups and Scenes.
I use Rules Machine to trigger the scene when the buttons are pressed on the Inovelli.


Update: Just tried it and all works.

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