Using the Alexa Integration at Multiple Locations?

I recently added a new hub in a second property, and I have everything setup on HE. What I'm wondering about is after I enable the Amazon Echo, it wasn't really working. So diable the HE skill within Alexa and reenabled. It asked me to choose between the two HE hubs... so, can I not have the Alexa integration in multiple places/hubs?

Not with the same Amazon account. Use a separate account for your second location.

An alternative that I think will work would be to give your devices at both locations completely unique names; then use HubConnect to share devices from the second location to the first location, and connect the Alexa Skill to the first hub. I tag @csteele for him to determine if this will work.

I have this exact problem and found two solutions, each with their own tradeoffs.

  1. Use separate Alexa accounts and two Hubitat integrations, one of each for each of your locations. Pretty straightforward.

  2. Use a single Alexa account with a single Hubitat-Alexa integration. But then you’d have to use HubConnect (or similar) to bridge devices from one location to wherever the Alexa integration is running. And you’ll also want to be thoughtful about naming your devices since Alexa gets confused with two “Kitchen Light” devices. As others have pointed out, there is some limited facility in the Alexa app to assign devices in Alexa to individual echos so that if you command an Alexa device in house one to turn on Kitchen Lights, Alexa knows which device you mean. I’ve had mixed success with this so far, but tbh haven’t spent a lot of time on it.

Hope this helps. Curious to hear if others have creative solutions.

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Does it matter if the two separate accounts are family accounts? Thanks, BTW