Using Stelpro Ki Thermostat Zigbee with Hubitat Dash board

I have a Stelpro Ki Thermostat STZB402+ (ZigBee version). I've installed Philippe Charette's driver for this (thank you Philippe), and then selected this custom driver for the thermostat device. However, when I add the thermostat to the Hubitat Dashboard, I don't get any usable controls or information.

Can anyone help?

p.s. here's an image of what the Hubitat Dashboard tile looks like:

I couldn't get this forum to let me embed the image or include a link in the post, so remove the spaces when accessing the link.

@bobbyD - Any chance you could let @styg88 post an image?

Are you able to control the thermostat from the Device page in HE? I.e. changing the set temperature and thermostat mode?

I was able to upload image now.

Upper section just shows how I've set up the tile.

Bottom (blue) section shows what the tile looks like -- everything is "unknown". If I click on the "Mode" button, I can choose from several options ("off, heat, cool, auto, emergency heat") but tapping on these options doesn't seem to do anything. If I click on the "Fan Mode" button, I get two options (auto, on) but there is no fan on the controlled baseboard heater so these are not relevant.

so to answer @sburke781's question -- no, I can't change the thermostat mode (though I can access the options) or set temperature.

(Thanks sburke781 for jumping in to help!)

What I was curious about was if you go to the Devices list / page in the HE UI and open the page for your thermostat. Can you use the commands that are displayed at the top of the screen to control your thermostat? And I'd be interested in the Current States displayed on the top right of the screen.

Have a look at this post and see if it makes any difference

Only the “Heat” and “Off” buttons work in HE. “Off” puts the thermostat in “Off” mode. “Heat” puts it in “Comfort” mode (essentially “on”, so you can set the temp using the thermostat’s physical buttons). None of the other HE buttons do anything.

If I use the Date or Clock template instead of the Thermostat template, the Hubitat Dashboard is able to read date and time from the Stelpro thermostat. (But if i use the Temperature template, it doesn’t read the temp - just says “unknown”.)

Thanks- I’ll give that a try and report back (won’t be able to do it until the weekend though).

I think this may be due to the fact that these thermostats do not support all of the controls that Hubitat expects from thermostats. In particular, they don't have a mode, they don't cool, they don't go "off" or "heating"... they just heat or they don't. I don't have the Maestro, but I wrote a driver for the Allia series, as well as a css to drastically simplify what is shown on dashboards.

Here is what my thermostat dashboard looks like. Maybe you can take something from my code and adapt it for your needs.

Nice looking driver and tiles!

FWIW I use the Stelpro Ki Zigbee driver quoted by the OP for two Stelpro Orléans built-in thermostats. The default dashboard tiles worked once I executed the trick I linked to (and so does Thermostat Controller, which also depends on the updated mode format).

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Thanks @mboisson! The driver is a great start -- at least "heat" mode works, I can read the temperature from the thermostat, and I can control the thermostat setting, using HE and the Hubitat iOS app.
"Idle" mode doesn't do anything, and "Off" doesn't work on HE, but at least now I have rudimentary functions and the hope that with a little work I can modify the driver to enable the "off" function.

Thanks @hubitrep -- I gave your suggestion a try, but unfortunately it didn't help. I'll work on adapting @mboisson's driver, and if I can better customize it to the Stelpro Ki, I'll make it available.

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Unless they are vastly different than typical thermostats around Quebec, there is no « off » on thermostats. It is nothing but a temperature setting.

Correct. The "off" mode on the Stelpro Ki, since it is a single pole thermostat, actually just means minimum setpoint (5C or 41F). (It would need to be a double pole thermostat in order to fully turn off the heat.)

As described in the manual, the Stelpro Ki has three modes: "comfort", "eco", and "off". "Comfort" and "eco" are equivalent to what we often call "heat" mode, where you can adjust the temperature using the buttons (or a Zigbee controller). The two modes only differ in their preestablished setpoints, but those can also be modified.