USING State variables

I have a RGBW controller I wish to use in a novel way. Effectively it has theee analogue inputs and 4 outputs and I want to use it to pick up four hardwired door contacts from my old alarm and also use the outputs to drive the old alarm bell box.
I’ve got it wired up and the inputs change the state variables of the device. As below Red input is 255 (closed), blue and green are 0 (open).
Any know how I can take this data to use in Rule Machine (or Webcore) as they don’t appear to reveal themselves?
I’m using the ZooZ RGBW Device code.

Because you have the source for the driver, add an attribute for what you want to expose. It will then become available in Rule Machine (and Dashboard, and Webcore, etc.).

I don’t class myself as an expert by any means but what you suggest seems to be within my capabilities and simple enough.
If it’s that easy I’ll be very grateful.
Using the RGBW controller opens up a whole new world too with multiple I/O. My next project will be to attach an analogue sensor to measure how much salt I have left in my water softener.
Thanks in advance.

I've just looked into this and realised quickly that the driver is built in so I don't have access to the code.
I found a driver that was sort of similar and created some attributes and like you say they do become available but I'm a bit stuck with an internal driver aren't I?
Unless Hubitat expose States so we can do more with them. There doesn't seem to be a reason not to.

You can make a feature request.

It’s all a question of priorities, how reasonable your request seems, whether it would benefit anyone else, and how magnanimous @mike.maxwell Is feeling on any given day.