Using Schlage BE469 as my security keypad to DISARM HSM

There isn't any documentation on this feature yet so I am wondering if I am misunderstanding the use case for this.
I have an outer steel security door that is installed over my front door. I have matching Schlage BE469 locks on each of the doors. I am using the generic driver and Lock Manager with them.

I am trying to match the function I did with my ST system using RBoy device handlers. All I want is when a valid keycode is entered in the outer steel door I want that outer door unlocked of course but I want two things to go to action;

  1. Unlock the inner front door with the Schlage BE469 so that the user doesn't have to enter his code a second time.
  2. Disarm the HSM app so the alarm doesn't go off. Basically, I am using the keycode from the Schlage lock to act as my security keypad as well as my deadbolt door lock.

Here is the Rule Machine setup I am doing but it is not working. It think the rule is true before I enter the lock code? I was thinking this would reset to FALSE after a period of time?

I think you should try with a trigger

I'll give it a go.

Thanks for the idea. I have no clue why but in the Trigger version it works?

That is the good news. The bad news is it works very slowly. It takes about two-three seconds for it to unlock the second lock so at least it works but I am going to need to fine tune the delay on entry so I don't get false alarms.

I am going to the logs to see what if anything may be causing it to react so slowly to a successful keycode.

UPDATE: I changed the "Select code names" to "Any Lock Code" instead of the individual user codes. I don't know if that is what did it but it is significantly faster. Less than a second.

Lol Schlage stuff, try to unlock your lock via software and you will see why, they take forever....
But the HSM should be fine, its just the unlock of the second lock.

So any lock code from the outside door will unlock your next door and disable the HSM, I'm paranoid, honestly.

There's some information here that will help, but basically, a trigger reacts to an event (like a door opening or closing--or in your case, a lock being unlocked by a code), while a condition is a state that can be either true or false (like whether the door is open). You don't necessarily need a trigger for as much as this description makes it sound like you might, since a condition will be re-evaluated when something (e.g., the door closing and then re-opening) causes a truth change. However, "lock code XYZ used" is kind of odd to think about as a condition, and if you're the only person who uses the door, I don't think its truth as a condition will ever change (maybe if you have another code and that becomes the last used?). I actually don't know how that is evaluated. In any case, this is definitely one that makes more sense to think of as a trigger, since that "trigger" will fire every time the code is used, regardless of whether a "condition" that uses similar criteria would have experienced a truth change.


Any valid lock code that has been entered from Lock Manager yes. It will unlock the doors and disarm HSM. I see no need for paranoia really. Are you suggesting another keypad in the entryway with a different code to disarm with is better?

Thanks. I am just starting to get my thinking correct around RM and how it works but it still is a learning process for sure. Thanks for the help.

I don't know, I just see it too easy, I have my HSM isolated from the locks, yes, different codes, I have a keypad inside the house. I have an emergency code that will unlock everything but will call the police too... maybe that works for you too. But it's just me, I work for a security company, I can't be a jury on duty...

I appreciate the feedback. I am trying to find that balance between ease of use and security.

The balance between what I currently do and what you do might be to have two separate codes on the door locks. The first could unlock the steel door only. The second keypad would be a different code to unlock the door but also disarm the HSM. I would have to get buy in from the family that I spoiled using only one code for everything. :slight_smile:

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To clarify my own comment, I want to put everyone on jail lol

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