Using Scene activator across Hub Mesh in RM

I can't tell if the issue is with RM or Hub Mesh or Me. I have some scene activators linked to my 2nd hub. The activators appear and work on the device page of the remote hub. When I try adding them in a rule, they don't appear in the drop down. I made a local scene, it shows up.

Using a pair of C7's with Platform Version

Here's a screen shot showing only the local scene.

Some of the Scene Activators that should be showing up:

@bravenel, Is this a bug or am I doing this wrong?

The Scene list used to populate those pulldowns are not sent across Hub Mesh. However, you can put the Scene Activator devices in Hub Mesh. Then, instead of using Activate Scene, simply turn on the Scene Activator device for the Scene as a switch (or push as a button, button 1).

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OK, that will get the job done. I was trying to execute a scene by mode. If I use switches or buttons I'll need a seperate command for each scene with its mode. Thanks for the clarification.

There are both switches per mode and push buttons per mode in Motion Lighting. And both of those are available in Rule Machine as well.

Scenes by Mode is more flexible than Switches/Buttons by Mode. ScBM allows different scenes to be activated per scene. SwBM makes you turn all selected switches on or off by mode. BBM would let me push button-1 or not on all selected scenes by mode.

I could create a virtual button and assign a button to each scene. Then use that virtual button in a Button by Scene command. That would simulate Scene by Mode using Button by Mode.

I hope that made sense; or I'm not missing something else.

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Going to add the feature you need in RM in 2.3.2, to select switches or buttons by mode.



Is this something that you might consider for a future release? The work-around seems to work but would be easier if one could use the same RM commands across multiple hubs.

We will look into it.

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