Using RM4 to set Stereo Input

In need of some guidance regarding Rule Machine 4. What I want to do create a device that switches my stereo input. I am currently using the Yamaha driver by @codahq which works really well. I have an android tv device and want to be able to have Alexa switch to that input on the Yamaha receiver.

To start, I have created a virtual switch called "Movie Box".

Then in RM4, I created a new rule called "Switch Yamaha to Movie Box"

I set trigger to Switches and assigned the virtual switch "Movie Box". Then selected Switch Turns to "on". At this point, I believe I am done with triggers?

So next, RM4 wants to know what action to add. And I have no idea which action to select. So this is where I feel stupid.... I have no idea what to do next and have played around with all the actions listed.

Under Manage or Create Conditions, I can select "Custom Attribute", select the Yamaha receiver as the device and "source" does come up as an option. But I don't need it to be a condition, I need it to be the result. If that makes sense.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You need a Custom Action in RM; select the Yamaha device. Then all of its commands will be presented. Presumably one of those is what you need. First, check out the command from the Yamaha device page, making sure it does what you need. It may need a parameter, and you can tell on the device page what that might be. Then you replicate that command in the Custom Action, possibly with a parameter if one is needed.

Thank you. @codahq just let me know the same thing in the Yamaha thread.

Works perfect!