Using Ring Alarm to trigger Alexa Routine (no HE)

So my parents' house got robbed a couple weeks ago and they've ordered a Ring Alarm kit and a couple cameras and will be installing them soon. They also have one Echo Dot and will be getting some Feit WiFi dimmers that "work with Alexa." They do not have a Hubitat hub or any other smart home hub (besides the Ring base station that came with the kit).

I am hoping to help them set these things up such that an alarm from the Ring system can trigger an Alexa routine to turn on the lights.

Can anyone here confirm if this is possible? If v yes, is it as easy as it "should" be, or am I going to have to jump through hoops?

Are you aware that Ring Alarm is a Z-Wave hub? Just so you known - Z-Wave switches are also an option. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that what you are trying to do is not possible from neither Alexa Nor Ring directly (in Canada at least).

Alexa automation with Ring is extremely limited. There are 2 options:

  1. Trigger from Ring which provides the following options:
  2. Trigger from Alarms which provides the following option (Yes, just one):

Hopefully someone in the states can tell you that they have more functionality!

I knew Ring used zwave but wasn't sure how open it was to third party devices. So, you're saying I can use Zooz or Innovelli switches and Ring can control them as desired?

So disappointing that Amazon hasn't put more emphasis on integrating these two platforms. I thought I had seen some posts from late 2019 that claimed Ring contact sensors could be exposed within the Alexa app.

The Alexa routine triggers for ring are armed stay, away, disarmed.

At one time, I bridged the gap that you're speaking of (a triggered alarm to trigger a routine) via simple commands. I've long since abandoned that option but I know it still works and it's free. For the longest time, this was the only way you could program a quick exit because the functionality was so limited in Amazon.

Yes, though I have only tried GE switches. (No need to link them to Ring when I have Hubitat!)

I agree!

Funny story - I was on a support call with Ring’s higher level support once quite a while back and the support agent was telling me that Ring/Alexa could do everything that Hubitat could do and more. He was really good and was able to quickly solve my issue, so I just let it go… But who knows, maybe he knew something I don’t!

Can you shed any more light on how you did this? Would something like IFTTT help? I've not done anything with IFTTT before, so no experience to rely on there.

Simple commands can be used similarly to ifttt to daisychain functionality. I looked in ifttt and there aren't any good triggers for what you want on ring.

If you had ring and say....a tp link light. If you installed simple commands, enter your ring information and enter your tp link information, you will be able to create automations between the two. I know for a fact one of the ring triggers is for when the alarm goes off because I requested it, they made it, and I used it for a while.

I dont have the app downloaded anymore so I can't share screen shots but it's super easy to figure out. Just plug in your info and start automating connections.

Now I get it....SimpleCommands is an app/service similar to IFTTT. I thought it just an adjective and a noun!


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