Using OWM Driver to get Forecast Data

OK, I recently posted the info below inthe "Rule Machine" section but figured maybe it would be more appropriate here. I found a similar post discussing the OpenWeatherMap driver (community version by Scottma61) and installed it. I'm getting data, but only current conditions. What do I need to do to get forecast data?

I'm looking to control my furnace-mounted humidifier based on predicted outdoor air temperatures. Currently, I have to manually adjust the humidity set point down as the weather gets colder. If I forget or if we get a quick cold snap we'll get condensation on the windows.

What I would like to do is this:

  1. Obtain local forecast data and determine the lowest temperature over the next 48 hours. Assign this value to a global variable (var1).
  2. Establish a linear relationship between outdoor temp and target indoor humidity. This will be established by observation and trial-and-error.
  3. Plug var1 into my equation to determine what the target humidity is.
  4. If actual humidity is higher than the target, turn off a smart plug that powers the humidifier.

I'm confident I can manage the rules necessary for control, but have no idea how to get the forecast data, parse it out, and update my variable. Anyone know a resource for something like this?

Solved! The community OWM driver is working great...I just got confused when I created my device and selected three built in driver. The community version pulls way more information, including the 3 day forecast I needed.

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