Using on off switch to control water valve with water detection or leak

Hi, Moving from smartthings. My understanding level is basic to medium!
I use these valves in several situations around the house. valve. I went to these valves as I could not rely on the custom water valve switches which would bind or electronically become unreliable over time. If valve got sticky with deposits the motor was not strong enough to close valve. These valves are strong and plug into a simple smart outlet. The valves can be pulled apart to change location of shaft and the water on/off function. I have it set so power on to switch allows water, power off turns water off. That way during power outage water will go off till generator kicks in.
I did not see an option in the 'Safety Monitor' to be able to turn a switch off or on. It does say control a ' valve'. The custom rule allows for control of lights but not really the control of a switch.

I could set up a rule outside of Safety Monitor, but would prefer to do it inside Safety Monitor app.

I cannot write code or understand fully how this works, but is it possible to write a custom driver for a switch so it would appear in the 'valve' list. I tried to change 'type' in device settings but had no luck fooling my switch to be a valve.
Could we have 'switch' option as well as 'valve' option in 'select a valve to close' section?
Any thoughts please.

I'm sorry but I don't have any experience with HSM. But how do you expect to close the valve when there is no power. It needs power to move the ball valve doesn't it?

Amazon says 'spring return'. When I had cover off it looks like two capacitors close valve. Some say they have cr batteries in them I have not taken cover off them. I know they close well and easily when power removed.

If you undo small screw on top of shaft under cover, you can turn black cam and have valve be open with no power and closed with power.

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You could try creating a virtual Valve and then use the mirror app to change the switch with teh valve.

My Leaksmart valve has open and close as well as On off. Then use the mirror app to switch the plug on the valve.

Not 100% sure that would work, but I think when you set the vale to open or close it sets the switch for the valve to on or off which can be mirrored.

i have a valve device handler i wrote that also has switch and contact capbility.

Install a virtual valve custom device driver. You can find the code for a virtual valve here:Feature Request: Virtual valve

After you install the custom driver, go to devices and add the virtual valve as a device. You now have the capability to select this valve in HSM. (i.e. have the valve turn off when HSM detects water from a sensor).

Having HSM turn off a virtual valve is obviously not enough as you need the power shut off to your actual valve so it will close. So to accomplish this make a new rule in rule machine:
Trigger: Virtual Valve Closes
Actions: Switch is turned off

Thanks everyone. I will see if I can follow your suggestions and get this working over weekend.

here is my driver .. works fine in hubitat i am using it in two houses

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Thanks Kahn, I added the above as a new driver.
Changed the 'type' (groovey) for one of my Neo Coolcam Power Plugs to Econet EBV105 Water Valve.
The "Neo Coolcam Power Plug" accepted the new type. I plugged in my water valve, a (BACOENG 1" DN25 110VAC Stainless Steel Motorized Ball Valve,NC Electrical Ball Valve) and have a functioning valve. Both open/close and on/off control the switch and therefore the valve.
Tested a water sensor. Water shut off and sent notification.
Not sure if was supposed to be that easy, but pleased it was.
Thanks so much.


UPDATE 1 year on. Had one recent slow water leak that made area damp enough for sensor to pick up and system/valve did its job. Seems to be a good quality and reliable valve. Has been 'tested' a couple of times during year when Pest Control guy forgot about sensor and sprayed under hot water cylinder, setting off water detection.