Using old phone for notifications

New to the forum.
Lots of useful info here, but...

Looking for a solution for location without internet connection.
Planning to use an old android phone (no data plan) as a notification device.
All I need is: when event is triggered - the phone sends SMS/text message.

Could someone point me in the right direction as to what apps/drivers are needed to accomplish this?


Tasker (android) can send SMS's and you can (I believe - I haven't yet tried it) trigger tasker to do things from HE.

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With a old phone to send SMS/Text messages you will need an active SIM card on cellular services. There are other ways to send SMS messages with Hubitat. Hubitat has Twilio integration with a virtual device that will send the SMS message out to any phone number that you register with their services.

I have been doing some experimenting with their services and it works well but there is a subscription cost to do this and this approach would be more reliable as long as your internet is connected:

Twilio - Hubitat Documentation

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connect it to wifi, then use pushover for notifications..

thank you for the reply
you are right about an active SIM, however I don't think Twillio will work without internet connection

Yes sorry missed that in your original message. Yep you need to have internet to use the service from the Hubitat.

Thank you for the reply
I think that Tasker is the way to go
Need advice on:

  1. hub-phone connection (WiFi + hubitat app on the phone?)
  2. Hubitat app/driver for Tasker

I'm new to Hubitat and don't know much...
Was searching and reading us much as I could before asking for help here

Unfortunately I have not done this particular setup before so perhaps someone else can chime in?

This could be a viable cellular backup solution for situations when internet connection goes down

tasker is all on the android phone and has a decent learning curve. instead of sending a text, why not set up the mobile phone you want to receive the notifications with the hub and send a notification when the alert triggers?

This is a different approach using an Arduino, lots of challenges but in the end it should be able to send notifications as well as receive commands via SMS.

What he said.
SMS?!?​ This is the 21st Century, right? :rofl:

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