Using my PWS to set HE mode

Now that I got my Ambient WS-2902 PWS up and running, I have done away with Mode Manager. I made this RM and credit goes to another poster with his version of a RM that is similiar. Now my auto lighting is based on real environment info, not time based. Much better for home lighting.

When I am armed away, I have a RM that pauses this rule so my away lighting rules are not affected. Hope this is help to some people.

You would not need another rule to set this rule to pause...all you would need to do is put a conditional wrap around the whole thing that the mode was not Away. That means that if something goes wrong when you return from away, this rule won't get "stuck" being paused. That would be slightly more reliable than pausing the rule and unpausing it.

That sounds like a good idea. How would you put this conditional wrap?

Just insert a conditional action before your first action there and use the condition that mode is not equal (!=) to away. Then add another end-If at the end.

Can I do it this way (RM4)?

No...your condition of mode being away won't do anything there. Take the end-if after the mode away out and then change the condition to mode is NOT away.

You mean like this?

I thought that this way the other conditions would still cancel the mode away and switch it .

Almost...just need one more END-IF at the end to make it perfect! :slight_smile:

Got ya, Thanks.

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