Using multiple Hubitats at one location

My home has a lot of 8 inch thick walls composed of concrete and rebar. As a result there are 3 separate areas that Z-wave signals can't seem to pass between. I first tried using range extenders and while they work well within each concrete area, they don't help between them. As a result I've now got 3 Hubitats; one for each area.

Is there any way to make these units behave more seamlessly as one virtual unit?

For instance, I have keyless entry in all three areas and I'd like to be able to lock/unlock any door without having to drill down to the appropriate unit.

If there is any information or guidance available on best practices for doing this I would appreciate hearing about it.

Not exactly "seamless," but pretty close: the built-in Hub Meshes feature lets you share devices from one hub to another over your LAN, so you could just pick one hub to use as your "main" hub and share the relaxant devices from those hubs to that hub. It aoijds like you're looking for Dashboard or perhaps as in UI access to the devices, so this should work for that.

Actual device administration, like adding or removing Z-Wave or Zigbee devices, will still need to be done on the original hub. You can create automations--i.e., use apps to do things like turn on a light when motion is detected--on any hub that has the devices you need, so there's no need to..share everything to your "main" hub just for that if your "zone" hub already has everything on it. But you can do that either way.

For more on Hub Mesh, see: Hub Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

(EDIT: I should also add that there are community solutions that are similar in nature, with HubConnect probably being the most popular, but Hub Mesh is easier to set up since it's built-in, and it works a bit differently, arguably better, like sharing all device attributes and commands without need for custom drivers on the remote hub--no fault of any community solution; Hubitat is just able to do things built-in that third parties can't. I would definitely recommend ignoring the older, built-in Hub Link/Link to Hub options at this point, though they also technically should still work and are more similar to these options.)


Hey welcome to the community. Robert is right , use hub mesh, it's amazing. Share the devices to one hub, then create a dashboard with all 3 lock icons on it. You can lock unlock any door with a couple taps.
Do read through the HE docs , there is an incredible amount of functionality in that tiny black box.


Hub Mesh is just for HE hubs to connect to each other isn't it? Not useful for me to try and link with SmartThings for example?

No, but HubConnect will allow you to do that.

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Yeah that's what I used before (when I had my ST hub going). Thanks for the confirmation

I stumbled across hub mesh after I posted. It to a bunch or reboot but the hubs finally saw each other.

It does seem to work pretty well. I was able to share each hubs devices such that the other hubs see them.


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