Using Mirror Me in place of Z-wave associations


I don't know who designed my kitchen but putting light switches on opposite sides was just plain silly. I have two GE Z-Wave plus switches for my counter and table lights. They used to be associated when on my Vera Plus but moving them over to Hubitat I lost the association. And frankly, the process to associate them on Hubitat is beyond my skill set.

So why not use Mirror Me? Works well and the one thing I can do that I couldn't do through associations is control dimming of both circuits. I am sure I could have used a Simple Lighting rule but thought this an interesting use of the App.


Mirror Me, Switch Bindings, WATO, or a number of other apps can do that. No reason to not do it that way, unless the lag/delay between syncing the devices in software versus a zwave association bugs you.


Check out my app. It sounds like it could be what you need. It just always keeps two (or more) switches in sync.


@JasonJoel Being a new user to Hubitat, I have not used any of those. Do you find one performs better than the other?

@jwetzel1492 Thanks, I'll try it out. I didn't know about it.

I do have to admit I was spoiled by the instant response when turning on/off. But the lack of synchronized dimming when associated did bug me.


Don't know for sure... I had a few custom apps to do this long before Mirror Me was written.

I did try out Mirror Me the other day to see if I could replace some user code with Hubitat supported code (I couldn't - Mirror Me is pretty bare bones in terms of features), but in general speed seemed similar/same as other solutions?

All will be noticeably slower than a direct zwave association.


Well, my experiment didn't turn out so hot. The two switches I had mirrored to each other worked as expected. Turn one off, the other goes off, etc. But ask Alexa to turn off the Kitchen, which is both lights, it goes into some feedback loop where they try to turn off but never do. One just keeps them on. Oh well.


Yeah if you want that work you would need to remove the mirror me slave out of the Alexa room since mirror me is providing the group proxy already


If you use Switch Bindings instead of Mirror Me, you should be fine. I specifically put in code to prevent feedback loops.


Thank you. Alexa back online!