Using in a different Region

I see the US and North America versions are Sold Out. If I already have an AC adapter that works in the US can I just buy a Europe or UK version and still use it in the Continental US or are these region locked like movies and games can be?

The zigbee frequency is standard across the world so that will not be an issue.
For Z-Wave with the C7 hub you can select the region you are in and the radio frequency will then default to that region.
So in theory a C7 hub should work in any part of the world subject to the correct Z-Wave frequency being selected.
Obviously I've never tried it but I'm sure someone will come on here and confirm/deny.

As for the HE team recommending or are strongly against this is for them to comment on.
Any thoughts on this @bcopeland @gopher.ny?


I think it comes down to what the "power supply" is that they include. If it's a USB and an AC adapter that works in a given region I should be all set. If it's all one piece then I could have a problem.

I haven't gotten an solid answer yet but I'm pulling the trigger and purchasing one. I'll see what happens when it gets here. Hopefully I'll get more of an answer in the coming days and, again hopefully, I'll have the hub by Friday.

The power supply is a micro USB.
They can be fragile so I would suggest once you have it plugged in to your hub, you leave it alone and if you have to power the hub down, don't use the USB plug.
Good luck, I'm sure it will work OK. :crossed_fingers:


Here’s what I use to connect power to the hub:

JBtek Raspberry Pi Micro USB Cable with ON/Off Switch

It varies. One of my hubs came with a one-piece brick and cable, the other brick had a USB socket.