Using IFTTT and Hubitat geofence together - would this cause issues?

Before we had the Hubitat app and geofencing, I use IFTTT geofence to turn off my Blink camera's when my wife, who has an Iphone and I , who has an Android, came home. I then thought with the new Hubitat app and geofencing enabled on our phones let me set up Mode Manager and use the "presence rule" for arriving to take care of everything, disarming HSM AND BLINK

I know it sounds confusing. All I want is when either of us arrives home, to change Hubitat from ARMED AWAY and MODE AWAY to DISARMED and MODE DAY. That will take care of shutting the HSM alarm AND the BLINK cameras.

I've had no luck with the Hubitat geofencing. I have it set to acknowledge our phones presence BLOCKS away yet the car with the phone has to be just about in the garage IF IT WORKS AT ALL. I've had more luck with my Android phone than my wife's iPhone. My dashboard shows either phone is present but again they have to be just about in the garage.

The IFTTT geofencing seems to be a LITTLE better AGAIN for my Android phone and sporadic with the Iphone.

My question , after boring you to tears lolo is, can I use BOTH geofencing programs IFTTT AND Hubitat together or will they interfere with one another. Having two, I'm hoping one at least will function. Also I used the Mode Manager to make the presence rule ( picture below). Would there be a better way using just the RULE App. Thanks!

Use as many as you want. I use HE's, Life360, Locative and WiFi for presence on both my my wife's phone and mine.

Also, because your Day and Night modes are based on time of day, I would suggest selecting 'Use Time Settings for Return From Away' under Set Mode Based on Presence. When you come home, this will put you in the appropriate mode based on the time rather than always putting you in Day mode.

Really appreciate your quick response AND your suggestion to use "Time setting" I believe I did it correctly by following your directions and also unchecking our two phones under 'Select presence sensors for setting DAY mode".

Now I just hope ANY of these Geofencing Apps work lolol. GREAT community, thanks again!

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You want to be careful how you set it up. I have found that IFTTT's geofencing was great for a day or two but would die if the app wasn't used frequently. That was a few versions ago so it might be ready now.

On Android, I can say that if you are using GPS (through the phone or through Android Car) the native Hubitat app updates almost instantly when entering your geofence. I always connect my phone to android auto so this has been a good solution for me.

Great to know, just got a car with Android auto and will have to set it up. Thanks so much for the tip, I was losing all faith in ANYONES Geofencing app .

Yeah, I had totally given up a long time ago. Gave the new Hubitat app a chance and low and behold, it works! I can't speak to how well it works when not connected to GPS constantly though.