Using Hubmesh - best way to transfer apps/devices from one hub to another?

Ok so I'm now ready to do the great migration/extension from my C4 to C4/C7 mesh.

I'd like to first move some or all all the apps to the new C7 and leave the devices on the C4 and move some of the devices over time.

Should I :

  1. restore a backup of the C4 to the C7
  2. delete the apps on the C7 that I want to remain on the C4
  3. delete the apps on the C4 that I want to move over to the C7
  4. start hub mesh on both hubs and 'mirror' the C4 devices to the C7
  5. for those devices I want to move to the C7 (I have only zigbee and wifi), simply reset the device, re-pair on the C7. Presumably there's no need to actually first delete the device on the C4 ?

EDIT: Sorted :smiley:

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