Using Hubitat Instead of Wink to Control Blinds

I have ordered a Hubitat to replace my Wink hub. Can you please tell me if I will be able to use it to control my Serena shades and if so, how complicated is it to do so? I have a Pico controller but do not have a Lutron bridge or repeater. I want more than direct control of the shades which I now have with my Pico. I want to be able to automate the shades so they will open and close on a schedule.

As I noted in another thread, Lutron uses a proprietary protocol, called ClearConnect, for Picos (and other Caséta, RA2, and similar devices). Wink was lucky that Lutron let them license ClearConnect. Hubitat was not, and community consensus seems to be that Lutron is unlikely to experiment with this idea again. So, the only way to get ClearConnect devices into Hubitat is with a supported Lutron bridge/repeater that has the telnet integration feature that works over your LAN. For Caséta, this would be the Smart Bridge Pro (technically Smart Bridge Pro 2, L-BDGPRO2; the "Pro" is important). For RA2, this would be a RA2 Main Repeater (or RA2 Select Main Repeater if you have Select).

But yes, once you get the Lutron products into Hubitat, what you want is possible. The built-in Simple Automation Rules app (formerly Simple Lighting, which you'll still see throughout the documentation I linked to--but it always has and still does work with lots of devices, not just literal lights) sounds like the easiest way to make what you want happen. You can still program the Pico in Caséta--no need to do that in Hubitat if Lutron's options meet your needs. However, you can certainly add it to Hubitat and program actions there instead (or in addition).

I would say doing a time-based automation like you want is easy, but I've also been using Hubitat for a while and might not be the best judge. :slight_smile: (Does Lutron not support that natively? I'm almost surprised.) I can tell you that if you get stuck, a lot of community members will be willing to help, so feel free to come back if you go this route and that happens!

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One thing I did with my shades (Somfy) was integrate a ZEN16 to a spare remote and control it that way. It did require soldering to the remote, but I use the relays to digitally press the buttons on the remote and control my blinds. Not sure if this is a task you'd be willing to do

Lutron does support time-based automations. But remember the OP does not have a Lutron hub.