Using Fractional Setpoints in vThermostat vs built-in Virtual Thermostat

I've got a specific "use case" where using fractional Setpoints would be helpful.

I can do fractional setpoints using a Hubitat Virtual Thermostat - like a heating Set Point of 65.1

But when I try to do it with the "vThermostat" app -- while the device details page shows the setpoint in fractional values, it's always "something dot 0" -- if I set it to, say, 65.4" -- it uses 65.0. If I set it to 65.6, it uses "66.0"

Am I missing something?

The use case is this: If I set it using automation, I'd do "65.1" always a fractional (.1 offset). But if my wife uses the "Alexa, set the sitting room to 65" -- then rules can see if it's set to a non-fractional and take a different action.

It's the most eloquent solution I can come up with to detect whether a "change in setpoint" was caused by a rule, or caused by the Alexa.

Example: vThermostat set to 65.6

Example; Hubitat Virtual Thermostat set to 65.6

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