Using Fibaro Smart Impant to control garage doors


Anyone using the FB222 to control garage doors? Seems like a cost-effective solution since one Smart Implant can handle 2 switches. Just would use for momentary actuation of the 2 wire button on my garage wall. I already have the tilt contact sensors. I looked at the aeotec solution, but I already have the tilt sensors. The Gocontrol seems pricey as I would need to buy 2.


Have one of these for exactly this purpose, one output connected in parallel to the dry contact wall-switches, works great.
With HE's Button Controller I created actions for my keyfob, dashboard and WallMote.

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Wonderful, does it make a difference which one is the ground on the output side? That is the two wires that go to the actual garage door motor. From the instructions, I think, if memory serves the ground wire is the bottom contact.

In theory it shouldn't matter since the output is potential-free, but just to make sure better follow the instructions:



Btw, which tilt-sensor do you use?

Thank you!! I will attempt the installation. Seems straightforward enough. I did get the B wire connectors to help. Those leads are tiny!

For the sensors.....