Using CT variable to select Hue Scene

This is more of a theoretical question of can I do this and how rather than should I do this. I've got a Color Temperature Hub Variable that transitions throughout the day based on a circadian rhythm and Hue Scenes brought in by CoCoHue. The goal would be to activate a Hue Scene if a group is turned on, but have that scene be selected based on a range of CT values from the variable. For instance, if the CT was 2500-3500, select Bright. If CT was 3501-5000 select Cool Bright. I'm able to do something similar in Room Lighting based on time periods, but was wondering how it might be accomplished using CT values rather than time.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, I'm all ears!

I'm using this as a documentation in case someone else asks a similar question. Rather than use time periods, I created three modes that get triggered when the CT variable is in a certain range (controlled in Rule Machine):

Sunrise/Sunset: 2700-3499 triggers the Read scene from Philips Hue (approximately 3000K)
Mid Morning/Afternoon: 3500-5399 triggers Concentrate (4300K)
Day: 5400-6500 triggers Energize (6500K)

I plugged all of this into Room Lighting and I now have Hue scenes shifting throughout the day similar to Natural Lights in the Hue app. I wanted scenes because it allows for easy changes as necessary, but an On command of the Activator device will always reset the scene to the appropriate Hub mode.

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