Users in Finland? and some questions about HE & Philips HUE

Hi, I'm new to hubitat and I'm looking for conversation also in Finnish, with answers in English for other Hubitat users. So, any other from Finland?

I bought my Hubitat Elevation from, C-7 version.

At the moment I do have also 5pcs E27 Lidl Livarno Lux (White to White) bulbs, connected via Philips Hue Bridge. Outdoor motion sensor is also connected to Hue Bridge.

Also I have one Ledvance E27 White to White and one Ledvance RGBW E27 bulb.

Can I now connect HUE to Hubitat? Do I need to do lightning setup first and after that acticate HUE to Hubitat?

Also I'm looking for dimmers and switches that uses regular wall switch, with no neutral.

Oh and have I understood right, smart bulbs should always be on grid and not to turn off power (except in app/dashboard)?

I'm Finnish and have had Hubitat for a year now. No experience with HUE, but this one tells what you need to know: Hue Bridge Integration - Hubitat Documentation
And yes you need power to control your smart bulbs.

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And in Finnish:

Lähinnä tarkoitin, että ilmeisesti on riski hukata asetukset, mikäli on manuaalisen katkaisijan takana? Myöskin se mesh-verkko kärsii tästä, kun laitteita suljetaan "kokonaan"?

Back in English:
I Have been reading lot's of documentation & community posts. Problem is that there is too much information for same drivers/apps/hardware. Docs is great, but when there is something that is not ready, there might be up to ten openings for same thing. Also with different solutions. :frowning:

Well, need to find what is best for me.

I have found some Finnish webshops, but mostly it seems that I need to go abroad shopping.. Have you found good webshops with reasonable delivery cost?

I live in Finland, there is a HUE app in Hubitat and recognize your bridge and import all the lights/rooms/whatever and they work as you are using HUE app

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