Users from Switzerland? And some questions


Anyone living in Switzerland and using Hubitat elevation?

As probably none of the products on hubitat(.)com/products have the power supply needed for Switzerland, does it matter which one I take, as I will need an adapter anyways?

Anything else I should be aware when buying ZigBee devices and setting them up in Switzerland?

BR, Cedric

Welcome to Hubitat!

I'm not in/from Switzerland, but the same Hubitat C-7 hub is sold throughout the world - only the power adapter is region-specific. As you indicated in your post, you will need a 5V, 1A (or higher amperage) USB power supply with a microUSB connector.


Hi Cedric,

you need the Europe version to ensure the radio frequency is compatible with the devices available here. (and also the regulations) The power supply may need a Swiss plug.
I am in Germany, and purchased my C7 through (
I am not sure if they ship to Switzerland. Otherwise you will have to import directly from the US.


FYI - with the Hubitat C-7, the same hub is sold for all regions. Only the power supply is region-specific. Zigbee uses the same frequency is all regions of the world. And the 700-series zwave radio has a software selectable radio frequency.


Thanks for your answers! :slight_smile:

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