User interface problem defining rules



TLDR: when previously defined conditions are edited, the list of conditions in the rule definition dropdown is not populated with the new conditions.

I have been defining rules in Apps using rule machine 3.0

There's a slight problem with the user interface. The problem occurs when you:

  • define, say, one condition;
  • a rule is defined by default.
  • redefine the condition (delete and enter new one).
  • When you then try to define the rule, the following choices are offered:

The new condition is absent from the dropdown list. Also the program accepts a rule that starts with AND or OR, which makes no sense.

The trick in this case is to select AND or OR, press "Erase rule", and start again. The dropdown will then be populated with the redefined conditions.

It is also possible to do things in such a way that the "define the Rule" screen will show only a title and a "Done with Rule Definition" button. No message. No dropdown. Nothing. I've seen this a few times, but it would take time to figure out how to reproduce.