User Interface and status - battery updates

Good Morning

I was hoping to provide some feedback on user functionality in the hoped the development team might consider as the platform continues to develop.

I migrated from Iris. Absolutely no comparison on the power that HE has over IRIS…especially considering that IRIS shut the platform down! There were a couple of features that IRIS had though that I thought were beneficial to a low power user..

I know there is a device watchdog user application in HE that should be able to be set up to accomplish this – I was really hoping the feature I’m suggesting could be part of the native platform. Sadly I thought I had a screen shot from my old IRIS days but its been long deleted. In IRIS, when you looked at the devices, there was a very visual representation for specific statuses.

One was a battery level, the other was if the device was still present.

I tried to set up a device watchdog to look at device status ( I could be using that term wrong) but I’ve never been able to get it to work. And by status..i really mean that HE has communicated with the device and it’s still on line. I’ve had devices drop off and was not aware until something didn’t work.

The battery status is nice to have but I can sort that really easy by creating a dashboard.with battery level for all of my devices.…but it would be good to have both these variables easily visible in the main device page next to each device ( rather than opening a specific device to see)

Hoping others will comment to see if this is something that would be beneficial to us “low tech savvy” user base.

Love the platform...i m hooked…maybe addicted!