User Friendly Light Control App?

So like many others.. Wink is grasping at straws.. Wait..!! Before you leave because your sick of seeing a billion topics like this.... lol.. I actually switched 80% over to Hubitat quite a few months ago. The only things I have left on Wink is my Sylvania Smart+ RGBW zigbee bulbs and the reasoning is two different things.. The connection is not very strong between the bulbs and the hub even though I have repeater devices AND there is no easy way to set colors, change colors, etc of the bulbs on Hubitat that I have found. Currently I have Wink controlling these bulbs and for example; my 2 front porch lights turn on and are white until about 9pm. At 9pm one of them turns blue and they both ramp up from 40% to 70%. They go off at sunrise. My back porch does something similar without the color. I do change this for holidays as I match the color to the upcoming holiday. Red/Green for Christmas, etc. Soooo.... I now have to get these bulbs off of Wink. Is there a Hubitat App of some sort that will allow me easy access and control of these bulbs?

Any and all help appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

It might not be the "easiest" but I think you'll need to use Rule Machine for at least some of this. I don't write complicated rules, so I would break it out into a few separate rules. The rule below is basic to turn the lights on blue 70% at 9pm. I would write similar rules to turn them on white at sunrise or with Lux and such. Those rules you can do with, the "Simple Automation Rules" app which is much easier to use. SAR does not handle color, you'll need to use RM for that one.

You can mix rules between RM and SAR as long as you keep the "flow" correct.

EX. Turn all on white 40% with sunset/lux in SAR, make one or two bulbs go blue at 9pm with RM, make others ramp up to 70% at 9pm in SAR, turn all off at sunrise/lux in SAR.

You could also do it all in RM once comfortable if you prefer. Some here could/would even make it all one rule, but again I prefer to use simple rules. I'm a KISS kinda guy, YMMV. As Bruce says "there is no charge for rules, use them"

These can also be set via dash board "color bulb" attribute in case you want "on-the-fly" access to color changes.

I hope this helps get you started, if you need additional info with either LMK

Thanks so much! I wish it wasn't so cumbersome and there was a color wheel involved when choosing colors, etc. Just something to get used to. I will work on those within next couple of days as I need to get them off of Wink soon! :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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