Used Home Automation Hardware

Has anyone had luck finding a forum/website/etc for used smart home hardware? I think it would be pretty cool to have on here, but I understand that isn't really the mandate of this support forum.

Having a hard time recently, with the US border ban effectively cutting me off from my main smart home supply (shipping to a US address and picking it up).


You can always create a tag within lounge category for it. No one has yet. You could ask @bobbyD if he’s willing to add a marketplace category.

I know that it was broached in the past. It’s always been allowed in Lounge. Considering the global situation, it seems a reasonable request.

Also, let me know if you’re looking for anything specific. And don’t forget about AARTECH if you’re in Canada.


This isn’t strictly a support forum, per se. Hubitat staff do offer some support to users here, and there’s a lot of community support available as well.

But it’s also a place for discussion, and buying/selling devices has never been discouraged.

As @SmartHomePrimer mentioned, since the lounge category is a catch-all for topics that don’t fit in other categories, that would be the one to either list items for sale oneself or keep an eye out for people selling their stuff.


Thanks everyone, looks like the Lounge is the place to go. Much appreciated.


Do you know if this group is still active on FB?
My membership request has been pending for over a month.

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