Use two switches to simulate three-way circuit

Has anybody figured out if there is a way to use Rule Machine to use two simple light switches to "simulate" a three-way solution? I have two standard switches that control two different outside lights - I'd like to have both lights go on when either switch is turned on, and have both lights go off when either switch is turned off. I know I could replace the switches with scene control switches and program it that way. But I was just wondering if anybody figured out the logic to just program standard switches (without causing an infinite loop of them turning each other on and off).

Load the built-in app "Groups and Scenes" and create a group with the two switches in it. This willl always synchronize the two switches to act together if set up properly.

You could use the built-in Mirror app, or the community based Switch Bindings app. I use Switch Bindings, and am happy with how it works.

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You could add a Virtual Switch to control the lights.
Then rules for each Physical switch to change the state of the virtual switch.