Use Smartthings for customized apps, what about Hubitat?

I've been looking into alternatives to SmartThings, seeing how there are devices like Hubitat that rely more on local networks and also trying to understand potential disadvantages with ST within the Zwave space.

One major reason why I cannot move over to other platforms is the apps I use from Rboy - you can search for them on Google pretty easily, can't provide a link

Their lock manager allows for really easy management, but they also came out with one that is specifically for vacation stay homes. It pulls data directly from an iCal and sets the last four digits of a phone number as the lock code. Then it automatically rearranges the codes based on your user limit.

Does Hubitat have something like that? Without it, I can't switch since it's so ingrained in my vacation stay.

Not that I know of, but it doesn't matter because you have a few options. A you could try and port the app if the developer let's you or B you could leave it where it's is and move the devices physically over to hubitat for the local control. You then would share that device with ST using hub connect and continue to run the automation.

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