Use Schlage Connect to Open Garage

Hello. Is there anyway I can use Schlage connect keypad to input codes to open my garage door instead of the lock? I can only think of using unlocking of my door as trigger to open my garage door, but I don't want to do that. I don't know if there is a modified lock code manager app that can do that. Thanks

No, the lock codes are stored on the lock and all of them I'm aware of are "hardwired" to unlock the lock when a correct code is entered (and then report which one it was back to the hub along with the "unlocked" event). No app on Hubitat could do anything to prevent this from happening, given that it is something the lock itself does.

You could consider just using a keypad. There are a few natively supported by Hubitat, including the Iris v2/Centralite and Iris v3 keypads. Unlike a Schlage keypad, these won't fare well outdoors, but I'm not sure what your exact plan for use is here. If you don't care to know which code was used, you could also use a "dumb" garage door keypad in combination with your "smart" garage door opener--your door will still report open/close events (assuming it does so otherwise via other methods). Or you can use any number of Hubitat workarounds: a PIN-protected Dashboard that just does this garage door, a button device like a Pico or ST button that you could give to someone in range of your house/hub and assign specifically to them so you know any event comes from them/that device, or whatever you can imagine.

Specifying your actual desired use may lead to more creative ideas than the ones I thought of above. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. I want to be able to just give someone a code to open my garage door for deliveries and stuff when I am not home, like in amazon. So it definitely needs to be an outdoor keypad. I can do it remotely over the phone, but I can’t be available all the time.

I think a keypad would be a great asset for that. I hadn't thought of that, but yah. You could set up a code in your lock, but the door would unlock also. You could set up a rule that when code xxxx us entered then open garage overhead door as well. Depending on how you have it automated. Probably not a big deal as if they're going to get in the garage, who cares which door they actually open, right?

Can you recommend a keypad for outdoor? Pluggable preferred. I heard battery doesn't last long when device is outside.

I was just looking at another post last night and read that there really isn't one. The only one that they were talking about was the iris keypad. Some had mixed reviews. Some said that they worked great. I, too have amazon drop in my garage, but they have a door code. If they need to open the garage, they can do so once they're through the door. I wish I had better answers for you, but I just don't know the right answer to that question. Although I think it's a great idea.

@EijiS @april.brandt

Get one of these:

It's a weatherproof box that the Iris keypad fits in. Works well. Unfortunately, I removed all my Iris stuff - or I would a take a photo for you.

You can also convert the Iris to be hard-wired using a transformer and a little soldering.

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Perfect. I can do that. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll most likely hardwire the keypad.

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