Use RM to set maximum dimmer level based on Mode

Is it possible to set dimmers to a maximum dim rating as a group, without creating a separate rule for every Mode and every individual dimmer? When I try to make a rule that combines dimmers, if one triggers, they all turn on. I want a rule that creates “if dimmer is > 50% then set 50% for night mode” for all dimmers individually.

It’s not clear from your post what exactly you want to do.

If dimmer > 50%? Is that a specific dimmer or any of a bunch of dimmers?

What do you mean by “set 50% for night mode for all dimmers individually”? Do you want this to only happen during night mode? What does “dimmers individually” mean? You want each of the group to be set to 50%?

There’s no grouping currently. Each dimmer controls a room of lights. I would like to be able to set a max brightness for night mode for all dimmers, but only have it activate on the dimmer that is on, without affecting the other dimmers. I suspect currently that means creating a separate rule for each dimmer.

Is there currently, or will there be an easy way to copy an existing rule?

Oh, I see. No, there is no easy way to do that. No, there is no easy way to copy a rule.

Could you add to the wishlist a copy rule for RM then? That way for creating a complicated rule per device it’d just be a matter of changing the device each time.


Definite +1 for that. I can do that with Stringify and it’s super convenient. Would have used that feature several times already for RM if it existed.

I’d like to see copy also.

And not to state the obvious, but the functionality that OP requests was available in webcore:

If ANY [devices] switch changes to ON THEN setLevel() to X (if device is on, OR using $currentEventDevice)

If we could get that level of complexity in RM, that would be awesome. I assume that CoRE will be ported over at some point in some variation.

webCoRE is ported over, with some caveats. A few bugs here and there, some order of setup requirements to avoid pitfalls, that kind of thing. Search these forums for it.

Yeah, I’ve seen that. There were just so many issues that I didn’t think it was ready for general consumption.

But yeah, I had a Light Profile piston setup there that would listen for switches and set the level and color temp based on mode for any lights that turned on.

I have an app I wrote and have used for years that sets dimmer levels by subscribing to on events based on lux readings… I’ve not needed to set levels via mode, though some do.

Pssst…pass that one my way! :slight_smile:

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