Use Mobile app to control devices

I received the C7 hub and installed it from my laptop.. I then downloaded the Mobil app. Ok now I click on dashboard on the Mobil app and there is nothing. If I leave the house I try the app (android) and click on dash board I get nothing.... Does this require the purchase of remote admin?????. I though I could control devices on an off without the paid subscription.

Absolutely not.

A Remote Admin subscription is not required to use the mobile app, or cloud Dashboards, or any other cloud integration. It is only required to perform admin functions on your Hubitat elevation when you are not on your local LAN. Admin functions include things like adding/removing apps/devices/automations/installing updates etc.

Have you created any Dashboards? You won't have any if you didn't:®_Dashboard

As mentioned above, this will allow you to view and control devices remotely (or locally). It is generally also more intuitive than using the admin UI for this purpose, which you do have to be local to use (or use something else like a VPN or Remote Admin). The downside, perhaps, is that you have to create and manage it yourself.


You can try my app I am working on if you want.

You will need to build it yourself, but I can be done easily by forking the repo and using

Have a read of this®_Dashboard


If you're on Android, ​you may prefer this fabulously supported, excellent alternative to the Hubitat dashboards...

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Hello And thank you to all that helped me. It is Looking like I finely figured it out. Thanks again :checkered_flag:

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