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Personally, I would never use an automation to open my locks. To lock them, I do, but as a backup in case someone forgot to do it...but I would still manually lock my door as I'm leaving. It's usually just the touch of a button with most locks real benefit to having it lock itself as you leave.

In using HA, I've always used a button or an app to lock things when I leave. That way I hear the dead bolt lock and I feel a bit more secure. I do have a rule that when I exit the "leaving radius", it'll double check and make sure everything is buttoned up (alarm, AC, etc), but it's not my primary. I use the presence for arriving only.

This is one of the reasons I've stuck with the WebCoRE presence sensor. I've never had it fail me and allows for separate "leaving" and "arriving" settings.

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I jumped off the Webcore Presence sensor because it was not being reliable either.

I wonder if it's not with Locative or WebCoRE but with the way your phone is dealing with it's location. What type of phone do you have and what OS are you using?

I now have three triggers, and most of the time they don't all sync, so it no longer works anyway! :rofl: I would be waiting too long for all three triggers to acknowledge my presence, so I just enter the code. With the new lock having a keypad, no one seems to mind entering the code. Thinking I'll just remove the automatic unlock.

Of course the intrusion delay works perfectly!
Thanks for not presuming common sense.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also see there are a LOT of changes to the autoArm/disarm page since I last configured it.


They are all iphone 7's with the latest iOS 12.1.2.

I'm thinking it might be one or more of a couple of things. Apple is very gratuitous about turning on lots of functionality (e.g. Location-based ads and suggestions, routing and traffic, etc, background apps, notifications etc). I've always held a mentality of the most minimal set that works will save battery and CPU power (especially with an a hardware version that's a bit older than the latest greatest). Several of these services don't have be on for location services to work.

Please note: I'm not making any generalizations about the ability of an iPhone 7 to keep up with things and I don't know what you phone is doing (e.g. notifications, background apps, etc). My thought is you might have a lot going on and it may not appear to slow things down from your user experience on the phone itself, but it might be impacting some of the functionality like location services and the app (on the phone) that is reporting it to your HA system. So, with all of that said, would you mind sending me a screen shot of your Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services?

Any one got Locative (3.0.1) working properly on Android Phone? Mine is working OK with testing (GET), but always get message:" Error when sending HTTP requesting while " for enter/leave defined Gerfences..

For AutoLocation with Tasker, I think you need to pay to unlock all functions for the testing ..

Is your configuration correct through MakerAPI? You have to use the exact URL for arrives/leaving accordingly and also as a GET not a POST.

I used URL generated from MakerAPI, and tested it successfully at Global setting via test (using GET), Same URL pasted into defined Geofence, but when triggered, got message "Error When sending HTTP requesting while...". Of course, I changed it to GET

HTTP Basic Authentication off?

Yes, Http Basic Authentication off. Need turn it on?

Yup that is what you need. And you are using the cloud Maker API URL correct?

Hmmm...I would sometimes get a similar error when I used Locative but I always thought it was happening because my phone was transitioning from wifi to cell service. I am able to update my Virtual Presence device with the Basic Auth either on or off. I think I'll give Locative a shot again with it on and see if I get the errors again.

Basic Authentication needs to be OFF for everything.

Oh...that's what I thought but that's not what was implied by your response to @olddoggy above. After rereading it I see why there was confusion.

@anon61068208 - did you publish your Locative changes anywhere? I've got a few bits I'd like to hack on, and if you're already making it better, there's not a lot of point in duplicating efforts.

-- Jules

I haven't published anything yet. I made some changes in my git repo for it but haven't had time to compile and test it yet.

OK. Just thought I'd check :wink:

-- Jules

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