Use Locative for Presence

Yes I did. Otherwise WebCoRE wouldn't know how to create the device.

Gotcha! I have set this up for my phone. I am watching the logs to see if any errors come up. Nothing yet.

You can setup a test RM that either flips a switch or sends an alert when the phone is present or not. Then go into the virtual device and select "Arrived" or "Departed" to see if that part is working.

I'm so happy I got Locative working with help from @stephack

Maker API was a snap !!


Glad to hear Locative is working for you as well! It really does seem to be a decent, reliable, light-weight mobile phone app (at least for me on iOS).

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Likewise. I also love how the geofence can be super small.

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Been working great here too. I like the fact that it communicates directly with hubitat via the cloud maker api and not through a 3rd party service.

My only concern is that it is no longer developed. I hope somebody takes it up again.

i want to get this setup tomorrow so i can get off of life 360. did you just follow this thread and get it setup that way?

any android versions?

Found the APK

and because I don't have an Android, instructions on installing APKs.

I clicked the first and got a file. That's all I can do with it without an Android device.

Make sure to use the 3.01 version...the 3.1 version that is in the store and in the link provided does not work properly.

Just a silly idea but.... As the source code is public available couldn't one of the developers community brainiacs create a dedicated HE location app... Just my 2 cents..... (Not a developer myself so it can be heresy what I'm saying)

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I've just decided to give this a go for Andriod.
I've downloaded V3.0.1 of Locative and can configure my home location.
I cannot see anywhere under settings to configure the 'GET' attributes. It doesn't seem to exist.
I've installed the 'Maker API' app and allocated a device to it. Putting in the correct URL retrieves the information OK.
Just cannot find the GET configuration.
Any ideas anyone??????
EDIT 1: Found it. You have to click on the 'POST' and then get an option to change it to either POST or GET.

EDIT2. All set up and working by sending arrived and departed in the test message.


Its not as easy as just throwing together an app. They have to have time time to develop the app for iOS and Android (two different languages) as well as all of the work required to get it into the various app stores (android can probably be side loaded) and then on top of that having to test it every time the OS is updated or a new device is released.

And have to deal with ever person that has any little problem with it (that alone is a team of people for support).

What you are asking for is pretty much a full time job.

They could just create a wrapper for the dashboard and build in geofencing based on locative source but geofencing is still not a perfect solution. You are going to get people bashing you everytime it doesn't work for them because their phone didn't happen to wake up and report its location in the time they drove around the corner and into their garage.

I'm not a professional developer but I also know its not an easy task to put together something like that. Throwing together a hubitat app or driver in groovy is a much simpler thing.

I have had this going for a couple of weeks now. I have two iphones setup with two or three locations each. For the most part it works. However, there are times where it doesn't notice when an iphone left or arrived at on of the locations. This is unfortunate because I have RM rules setup to do things based on arrival and departure of the iphones.There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to why it doesn't work at a particular time. Seems to work well some times and then it doesn't trigger all of a sudden. The only difference in the iphones is one is an iphone 6 and one is an iphone 7 plus. The iphone 6 seems to be more consistent.

I saw this on occasion as well and assumed it happened because my phone swaps between different vpn profiles based on where I am (work/home/on the road). During those swaps I'm sure there is a little lag where the phone is in Internet limbo. If the Locative tried to send its http request at that point it would probably get lost.

This is what I assumed was causing my issue and why I stopped using Locative. I'm trying Alexa as my presence device at the moment....and as of today I'm trying Tasker again (failed horribly my first time around) with the added AutoLocation plugin that @cwwilson08 recommended. Worked great arriving home today. Time will tell if it will be my final final solution.

Someone mentioned Locative was open source. Any idea where the code is at ?

The one issue I've had with all presence ideas I tried with ST or here is that they are never consistent enough to be a solution. I found myself always needing a backup. So, I invested time in making my backup solution so easy that it's easier than relying on presence. Right now I use one of the HomeLink buttons on my car's rear-view mirror to trigger my arrival action and it never fails me. Obviously not a solution for everyone (like public transit folks) but sometimes you have to switch your perspective and not be tied down to what you THINK is the solution. So many people struggle with presence when there might be a better solution right around the corner.

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Thanks.... now this is where I can shine.... I'll see about making changes for HE use and test it.