Use Global Variable value as RM Time trigger event?

I have four global variables that are formatted as DateTime (but only populate a time value). The variables will be updated daily. Ideally, I’d like to use the stored variable times in Rule Machine as the trigger event “when time is [global variable DateTime 1] -> run actions1”

As best I can tell, RM doesn’t allow me to reference a variable when setting up the “when time is” trigger event. Is that right?

I just created a trigger using a Hub variable I have that only populates a time and it worked.

I used trigger variable = a specific time, not when time is, however.
[edit] It also worked using time of day with a variable time.

Thanks! Odd, trigger event of “Schedule Days of Week” allows me to select a variable time but “At a certain time” trigger event does not allow variables.

Now to figure out how to use MakerAPI to update the global variables
Edit: Think i got makerapi going with a datetime connector, getting close to this working!

It does for me.

I have to ask. Do you actually mean Hub Variables or are you still using Global Variables with RM 5.0?

I agree with @terminal3 that using Hub Variables with a time and no date can absolutely be used as triggers in RM5.1.