Use fibaro double switch to dim a fibaro dimmer

Hi ultra smart people in this community.

I'm trying to make a fibaro double switch, switch on and of and dim the lights connected to a fibaro dimmer located somewhere else in my home.
I've tested this setup a few updates ago (March 2021) with positive results, before buying big numbers of the switches. Now my home renovation is almost over I've bought the lot and for the life of me I can't get it to work anymore.

Here's the case:
The fibaro double switch is connected to 2 momentarily switches (one switch button with a separated internal switch for pressing it up or down) .
A fibaro dimmer is connected to some lights.
Using the button Controler, rule machine or automation/mode app I can get the double switch to turn on and off the light connected to the dimmer. But for some reason I can't get it to dim. Currently I'm using the FS-223 driver with the metered child devices for the S1 and S2 switch.

I figured out the key mapping in both momentarily, and on/off switch configuration, but even following that I can't get it to work.

It looks like the hubitat can't work with "holding a button" for dimming functions, but I can't choose holding S1 and/or S2 switches for starting a rule that dims lights. Only for turning it on and off.

Maybe an update took away some functionality or made it so I need a different approach. Maybe I'm overthinking it and became blind for the simple solution that is right in front of me.

Is there anyone who can help me with this problem?

Thank you all in advance!

With kind regards,


Did you get to a solution?
I have a large number of fibaro devices, and have good associations working to allow them to communicate directly with each other over z wave without needing the HE.
I can post some scrappy notes if they'd help


So what I found out last week is that fibaro dimmers are not able to respond to external input as "start lowering or increase level" they just can't work with those parameters. They only do that from the physical switches connected to them.
They can however respond to physical switches that are not directly connected to them, but to other smart switches in your network instead. I nthis setting they are limited to turning on/off and "when this switch is (pushed or held) lower or increase the level by xx% or set them to level xx

It worked before because looking back I didn't use a fibaro dimmer but an Aeotec one connected to the lights in combination with a fibaro double switch connected to the physical switches.
To test my findings I've replaced a fibaro dimmer with an Aeotec one and it works like a charm (of course there is a certain lag when a switch isn't directly hooked up to your dimmer)

I hope this clears up some things for everyone.
It sure did so for myself.