Use Aeotec dimmer for non dimmable light

I connected multiple non dimmable lights to Aeotec nano dimmer, I thought I can just use it out of the box and it will give 100 power and 0 power and it will be ok.
But unfortunately this is not working, when turning on and off the non dimmable lights, the lights is being blinked untill its state being changed.
Any way for using it for the non dimmable light? Some configuration to change?


I don't have one of those dimmers but, looking at one of my GE dimmers there are a lot of options on the device preferences page that can help.

For example set Transition Time to ASAP. Change Minimum Level to the highest value. Have you tried these preferences?

Hopefully someone with direct experience with your device will weigh in soon.

Some (smart and dumb) dimmers don't actually output full 100% load power at max brightness, and some non-dimmable fixtures/bulbs are very sensitive to not having full power coming in.

That's why the general rule is to not put a non-dimmable fixture/bulb on a dimmer (smart or dumb).

I don't have any experience with the Aeotec Nano dimmer so I have no idea if this can perhaps be overcome with settings, but the best answer here is to not use a dimmer of any kind.

I agree with @Hydro311 - putting non-dimmable LED's on a dimmer always resulted in fuzzy, shaking lights even at '100%'. since the price now is really inconsequential, I'd switch bulb out! There are some great bulbs out there to pick from - in my bath I use (2.99 each):