USB Z-Wave Repeater connected to Unifi Access Point?

I really don't like the idea of random plugs in outlets around the house to repeat a signal. I have a couple of Unifi AC-PRO which have a USB port which outputs 5v power. in exploring I have attached an Amazon Echo Dot to it and had it mounted on the ceiling.

I am now thinking about connecting a USB powered Z-Wave repeater to both of my Ceiling mounted AP's. Has anyone done this?

Looking at this unit as it can be powered over USB.

Not off an AP ( not sure it'd do the AP or the repeater any good being in such close proximity ) but I'm planning on using one stuck into the USB ports on a flat panel TV . All they need is power.

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Oh, that unit has to be powered via a Micro-USB cable. :frowning:
@iharyadi has some sensor/repeaters he designs and builds that plug directly into a USB port.

So I could just extend it 6-8 ft with the usb cable maybe so it is not right next to the AP.

My access points are centrally located so the repeaters would be in the ideal locations.

Sounds perfect.

Zwave is running st 868 MHz as I recall, the Ubiquiti is running at 2.4 and 5.7 GHz.

None of the harmonics should come within 200 MHz of the fundamental frequencies of either Wifi band, and are at worst third order and probably 20+ dB down. Other nearby wifi devices would have a hugely greater effect on your Ubiquiti than a zwave dongle stuck in the USB port of the AP.

If you were really worried, I'd expect there's a null in the ubiquiti antenna pattern directly below or above the AP, so if you shoved the dongle up into the ceiling behind the hotspot you'd be in the Ubiquiti antenna null point.



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And you're exactly right. I did much research before buying a unifi AP, and behind the unit mount, in the center is in fact a dead spot, plus like you said with the difference in frequencies, it won't be a problem.

Every now and then, I get lucky! lol


Nice. So unifi ap is exposed on ceiling and repeater can be left in attic directly on top.

This really helps with keeping a clean look and being able to create great coverage for the z-wave network.

Should work! I'd use a USB extender cable as @njanda said, and tack it to one of the roof supports above the insulation, so you can get to it if for some reason you needed to unplug it or something.

Actually putting it in the attic might cause some probs in the summer though. Gets kinda hot up there.


Then I would put it under the insulation

Like I said.... [quote="njanda, post:5, topic:18398, full:true"]
Sounds perfect.


Just as long as it's not foil faced. My idiot contractor (me) thought it a good idea to use foil insulation back in the early 90's, before wifi, zigbee, yadayada.
So parts of my house are a signal killer, so I have 5 xbees and I can pair sensors down the block, pretty cool huh😉

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