USB Stick, PC Controller, Battery Devices refuse to play nice

I have a USB stick paired as a secondary controller. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to force the PC Controller to even attempt to talk to a sleepy (battery) device. I always get this error (below). I even went so far as to set a second lifeline group 1 association to be the USB Stick and then requested a wake up interval report. I can see the stick is getting all the same info as the hub but this software still refuses to do anything! Where is the I know what I'm doing just send the damn commands button?


FYI, I am mainly trying to do a firmware update and it never works good from Hubitat so I figured I could get it to work from the stick...

Looks like it might ONLY let me do anything if it is paired as the Primary controller.... Is this what I am seeing here?


When I was doing an update of the ZEN34 firmware with a USB stick, I was only able to do it when the ZEN34 was paired directly (not via Hubitat), but I did have to manually wake the switch (pressing the up paddle 7 times) almost simultaneously with the upload firmware command. I did not have to set a wakeup interval.

Thats the only way I finally got it to work. Using the built in app or driver it seems it was not built to deal with a battery device, even with my trying to keep it awake it would not work. I was going to try and keep the DNI of the sensor and do a replace after updating it but I could not get it to factory reset so I had to exclude it which deleted it... SO I had to exclude the sensor, reset my stick, pair the sensor to the stick. Do the update (which worked perfectly the first time). Then exclude/reset again and re-pair them both with the hub. Then I had to fix anything that was tied to the sensor since it had a new DNI. Very annoying.

You can’t .. You can only talk to sleepy devices during a wakeup event..

I know that much, I was waking it up, but the PC Controller software would not send commands, even when I had the group 1 association including the stick so it was getting the wakeup report. I did figure out though that if I checked the listen box it would basically trick the software into thinking it was always listening.