USB extension with Zigbee

So.. I have a really good place to put my hub.
However; It's not the best place for usage in a two story building
It's not as central as I would like and where I'd really like to put it does not have power.
(And would not be acceptable to SWMBO)

But wait... the hub can go anywhere.. I need the USB stick to be central.
So far I have tried a cheap 3m USB extension lead and everything seems to be working fine on my zigbee devices.
I can't test z-wave yet until today's update (I'm in the UK so can't use the existing z-wave and have it disabled - after the update, I'll add a UK aeon labs z-wave stick to the mix)

Amazon will deliver a 10m amplified USB extension lead tomorrow so I can test that.
If that works then placement of my hub doesn't matter because I can put the USB sticks where I want!

This will (for me at least) be a big advantage over other hubs.
I like the idea of putting the hub in my comms cabinet



There’s also usb over Ethernet adapters for up to 200ft runs. :wink:

I thought about that but didn’t want to complicate it with POE (no power where I want the USB sticks)
And just having the sticks exposed (rather than an extra box) should pass SWMBO criteria :slight_smile:

I’m hoping the amplified 10m cable will do the trick (find out tomorrow when Amazon deliver)


Just tested with a 10m amplified USB cable
This seems to work perfectly! :slight_smile:
So I’m really happy I can install as I want! (And where I want!)



This is also an option... I have used this splitter for many things and it works great.


Not sure how that is an option for USB data over distance. :wink:

Right… but it’s easier to extend ethernet than USB… :slight_smile:

I’m thinking you missed the point of the original post somehow. He needs his usb stick for the Hubitat located some distance from the hub.

He said his hub can go anywhere, but the USB stick needs to be more central… so my suggestion was to move them both… You suggested using USB over ethernet as an extension, mine was to use ethernet to extend the entire hub. Since, I assume we both were suggesting using ethernet extensions because its much more cost effective than usb extenders. Just showing people there are lots of options.

Guys it’s all about aesthetics & waf
If I mount the hub (either with or without POE) half way up the wall above the stairs then SWMBO would kill me!

However; I can get away with a plastic internal pastress with a flush plastic blanking plate on.
(The wall is painted white so not too noticable from a distance)
This way the USB sticks would be central to the home.

I’m not too worried about signal loss as the box and blanking plate will be plastic (inside a hollow stud wall) but if I have issues then I’ll throw in a couple more repeaters.


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