US Mail vs. ZWave

I ordered some rack mounts for several hubs and other devices. Guy got them mailed, but no tracking info - USPS calims to have never received package. So the guy makes them again and sends them to me. I am tracking them and this is the results.

Note - I am in Oregon. It reminded me of Zwave routing, and how it sometimes never makes sense.


Good ol' USPS... I avoid 'em when possible, but whenever I see an order getting fulfilled by them, I get a Plan B ready lol

more than likely there is another barcode on the box, maybe the guy used an old box that he got something shipped to him in. so depending on the boxes orientation when the sorting equipment scans it, it can either route it to you or back to him. Sometimes mail goes in loops because of that, its very important to remove all barcodes and addresses from boxes if you plan on using them to mail something,


Seems like that would mean two different tracking numbers are getting scanned. Those would not show up combined under one. It would show updates to one number and other updates to the another number. I've seen what @jameslslate is showing myself before a few times. Always only one tracking number on the box (at least for me) but for some reason it takes a "tour" around the country first before getting to me.

I must be lucky...great USPS service for me here (SoCal) packages I send and receive always arrive promptly, including to other states.

I love the Z-Wave routing there I do have some really weird routes.

I used to feel that way, but over all USPS has improved dramatically (except my local post office, they still suck). The one I dread getting a notification from is FedEx. I can’t remember the last time they delivered anything on time.

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Woohoo! It is now in my area. Now it will take 3 days to go the final 15 miles.


Spoke too soon.

You did say it would take three days...

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I've had something similar when a company put a different address on the package than what they entered when creating the shipping label. I placed an order and didn't catch that it had my old address. I emailed them to fix it, but their fix was to generate the shipping label using the old address, then slap a sticker with my new address over just the address portion of the shipping label.
The result is, whenever the barcode got scanned, the system routed the package to my old address. When a human looked at the address on the box, they saw it was not for their area and put it in the bin to go back to the main hub. At the hub, the automated systems scanned the barcode and sent it back to the same place it came from. This looped several times before someone realized there was an issue and corrected it.

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I believe he "self-jinxed." :wink:


Yep they even call it loop mail. eventually it will get flagged and looked at, what ever is causing the mis-sorting will be marked out and it will be sent on its way. This actually costs the USPS money trucking boxes back and forth so its in their interest to fix it as soon as they detect it. For the person that is saying that tracking numbers wouldn't show up if there are two labels. Do you noticed how many arrivals their are without departs? There should be an arrival at a facility and a depart at the same facility.

If you call your local post office and give them the tracking number and they are nice about it. They will confirm its looping and try to get it on a list to be pulled and looked at.

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That right there is usually the issue.

If you were speaking to my response, I was not saying they wouldn't show up. Just that I couldn't see how the movements could show up combined under only one tracking number if there were two being alternately scanned. I could be wrong but logically, it would seem that if there were two different tracking numbers being scanned, that some of the movements would show under one tracking number and some under the other, but not combined into one list. But, you sound as if you have may have a more intimate knowledge of how USPS works (or doesn't) and I do not, so I will defer to you.

At least it wasn't FedEx.. it would still be lost.

Except in Justin, TX. they just let it go back and forth. Eventually it may get where it's going. Like I said our PO sucks. They dont even list a local number. The only number is the 800 USPS number . Overall, USPS has improved greatly in the last few years.

Guess what just got delivered?


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