[US Lower 48 Only] 2x C-7; 1x C-8 - Hubs for Sale

I'm selling my three Hubitat hubs. Will accept Paypal Goods and Services as payment. Prices include shipping.

  • All will come with a 3' ethernet cable, appropriate USB cable, and power supply.
  • All have been deregistered and fully reset (both radios reset, soft reset with clear logging).
  • All will ship via USPS flat rate boxes.
  • If anyone buys two, I will toss in the dual USB-fan controller. If not, the last one sold will get it.

All three have the custom case lid by @lewis.heidrick:
C-7 Lid
C-8 Lid

C-7 Blue
Installed: September 22, 2022
Decomm'd: May 23, 2023
Price: $40 (willing to add the antenna mod for $50; you will need to provide your own antenna)

Was strictly used for development and IP based integrations. The original wire antennae were moved to the new lid. No fan installed

C-7 Black
Installed: March 20,2021
Decomm'd: February 13, 2023
Price: $50

Was my main hub until upgrading to the C-8.
Has the antenna mod.
Noctua Fan

C-8 Blue
Installed: February 13, 2023
Decomm'd: May 23, 2023
Price: $70

Main hub after upgrade. The WiFi antenna has been converted to be able use an external antenna (not provided)
Noctua Fan



The black C-7 has been sold.

One more bump before open posting on eBay.

I lied. Life got in the way so these are still sitting around.

Dropped the prices. Just need them gone.

Last price drop before these get stuck in a corner of my attic and forgotten about.

C-8 is sold...so just the C-7 with the blue lid is left.