UPS integration?

Is there currently any way to integrate Hubitat into a UPS monitoring system? I have an APC UPS that powers all my network equipment and I use apcupsd on all my systems to monitor the UPS battery level and if the power is out, shutdown when the battery gets too low.

I know the hubitat is sensitive to unclean shutdowns, so I want to integrate it into this system. Is there any way to do this? Or plans to do so? Implementing something compatible with apcupsd or NUT would make integration easiest, from my point of view.


I would really like this as well. I have my Hubitat hub on my UPS, but it is not integrated, so won't shut down. My computer and NAS will, leaving just my router, modem, switch, and Lutron hub consuming ups power

You could easily create a batchfile to ‘remotely’ shut down your hub from a pc
If you use apc shutdown software it is capable of running a batchfile before shutdown

Or if you use something else to shutdown your pc then you could use windows to run the batchfile before it shuts down


Wasn’t there a local HTTP command for shutdown? Thought I saw something posted at one point.

Commands are here:



Hmm, I don't need the reboot part. Never experience hub lock up. But the shutdown I'm wondering if I might be able to get my Synology to do this. It monitors battery level and shuts itself down. Wonder if it could shutdown another device first. Never tried.

LOL. I went to add it to my Hubitat bookmarks, and it was already there. :flushed:

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I have the same setup with my Qnap Nas. Before shutting down my NAS, it sends an email to my pushover device for alerts. One item on my todo list is to use tasker on my android tablet that I keep at home to automatically send a http call that would execute the hub shutdown url command. I already created the http call to shutdown the hub from tasker and it worked. I just need to use the pushover tasker plugin to tie it all together.

I completely forgot to finish setting this up until I read this thread.


Ah, that's a good idea.

Way cool!

I think I can do this with IFTTT and @ogiewon 's HTTP Momentary switch.

Synology sends a warning email before shutdown. I can have it send to a gmail account, use gmail filters to apply a label based on the sender and a keyword in the email body to apply a label. Then I can use the IFTTT gmail service to look for that specific label, and then trigger the HTTP Momentary Switch to send http://myhub:8080/hub/shutdown


I am not an expert, but did some research yesterday and apparently you can set up start and stop scripts with the Synology. I don't even know where to start with that though :grinning:. Would it be possible to put the http command inside a .sh script somehow?

I considered using the Pushover integration with IFTTT to do something similar. The only "downside" for me is adding another web integration to Hubitat. I've managed to avoid integrating IFTTT thus far. I know eventually I will yield but I'm putting up the good fight for now :slight_smile: .

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I hear you. It's not caused any issues and actually works quite well. But I came here to get away from cloud integrations, so the irony is not lost on me.

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sure, if you have curl available:

curl -X POST "http://<HUB IP>/hub/shutdown"

Thank you! I am going to look into this further now :grin:.

Just a heads up, if anyone is using the paths /hub/reboot or /hub/shutdown these routes will be going away in the next release as GET requests.

You will need to change your request to a POST. This will mean that you will not be able to directly call /hub/reboot or /hub/shutdown directly from a browser url.

UPS integration in HE would be awesome. I’d love if a nut client could be included in the firmware so my Qnap NAS could broadcast a shutdown to HE.

I just saw this post on ST where a RPi sends UPS updates to a device.

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Has this feature been removed? My script stopping working to reboot the hub around version 2.4 or 2.5 (posting to http://hubip:8080/hub/reboot). Does having the login page enabled break this?

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