Upgrading from C-7 to C-8, will the zombies follow me?

I did a backup of my C-7 and planning to restore to my new C-8. Hoping to resolve some old issues with dead devices. But, will these problems follow me to the C-8? Like these zombies that I cannot remove?

Ghosts will move w/you to the C8. I would spend some time doing your best to clean house on the C7 before migrating. No need to add problems to the process of migrating...

I assume you've seen this...




I have tried a different procedure, but the simple stuff only worked for a few of them. I don't have the time to do the more time consuming stuff. Not sure why there cannot just be a remove button for these things...

Oh, I see the ZWave SDK is the limitation? Ugh!

As noted in the topic I pointed you to, that is a limitation of the Z-Wave SDK and the terms of use required for certifiation by the SDK developer, SilLabs. Unfortunately not going to happen.

You are going to spend a lot more time troubleshooting issues if you migrate your problems across. If you don't want to remove your ghosts on the C7, then I would only migrate your Zigbee devices and after migration, exclude your devices from the C7 and add them to the C8.

Refer to this document for that process...


Yes; see this document for more, including the caution at the beginning about this exact scenario:


@tonybits At this point you will need a z-wave stick to remove those. Given how trashed your mesh is, I'm surprised anything is functioning properly. Follow these instructions. It will take you about 10 mins to remove them,,,

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@rlithgow1 Thanks for the instructions. I have an Aeotec Z-Stick, downloaded Simplicity Studio, but there is no Z-Wave option or PC Controller to install...

You won't see the option to install PC controller until you log in to your SS account in the software.

Just noticed that link you're sharing is to an older version of the ghost removal doc, which didn't have the info about needing to be logged into Simplicity Studio to install the Z-Wave Tools/PC Controller and other important updates.

Just in case others also saved and are using the old link, I've updated the doc that it points to, but best to use the new link below (which is also in the Ghost Removal topic) going forward:


Noted and my own bookmarks have been updated.

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Note that some of the issues with the Z-Wave mesh on your C-7 arise from your not having updated firmware for the hub's z-wave radio.

There's a "Firmware Update" button showing in your screenshot. I would suggest updating the firmware and try removing ghost nodes again.


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