Upgrading C4 -> C7, radio improvements?

Hopefully my final post before I decide to plug in my new C7...

I've currently got this setup:

  • C4

    • All Z-wave devices paired (48 devices, at least half are older non-Plus)
    • All Zigbee devices paired (23 devices, including tradfri outlets, iris v2 motion, xiaomi motion)
    • Dashboards
    • Hub Mesh sharing most devices to the C5s
    • Amazon Echo Skill
    • Device Watchdog
  • C5 (#1)

    • WebCoRE (~56 pistons)
    • Echo Speaks
  • C5 (#2)

    • WebCoRE (12 pistons)
    • WirelessTag connection, sharing devices over Hub Mesh
  • If I un-pair a device from the C4, which is shared via Hub Mesh, will the old device remain on the client hubs? So that I can pair with the new hub, activate it on Hub Mesh, and just swap the "new" device in to the various apps on the client hubs?

  • Are there any specific devices to watch out for that might not work well with the C7 hub that are currently working fine on my C4?

  • Are the zigbee and/or z-wave radios improved (other than the 700 chipset) on the C7?

    • Seems like my tradfri outlets periodically just drop off my zigbee network on the C4, no amount of unplug / plug in works, and have to re-pair it from the device tab to get going again.
    • Annoying, because any other zigbee devices routing through the fallen tradfri stop responding until the plug is re-joined

I'd like to migrate all of my radio devices over to the new C7, and keep the processing on the pair of C5s, as that will be the simplest path forward for now. Depending on the performance, I could see migrating some of that to the new "main" hub, but that's more of a long-term plan at the moment.

With Hub Mesh, you will need to re-link all your linked devices. The devices will remain on the client hubs.

  • The older Z-Wave Zooz 4-in-1. The newer 700 chip should work.
  • Anything Z-Wave that has the ability to do S0 security should be added to a C5 unless S0 is needed, like for locks
  • Avoid pairing S2 security unless required (Ex.: locks)

None that I am aware between C5 and C7 except the 700 chipset. Someone else will need to talk about differences with the C4…

Enjoy the move, take lots of backups and take your time! :slight_smile: