Upgraded to - fan switches are missing from mobile app

Last night I upgraded my C-8 to the latest platform and now when I goto my Hubitat app - Lights/Switches, my fan switches aren't listed. I thought they were there before. I don't ever use the app or dashboards to control my devices. I have always just used my Amazon Alexa. But for some reason, late at night, Alexa will not control my Hubitat connected devices. Always seems like it is around 2am in the early morning when the service goes down. So after upgrading to the latest platform and not being able to use Alexa, I started up the app and looked for my fans. None were listed. All my light switches are there but no fans. I am using GE Enbrighten Fan Z-Wave switches. I created a quick dashboard and the fans show up, no problem. They just don't show up on the app under Lights/Switches.

Not sure if I understand what you're saying above - but just in case, you are looking for the devices on the Devices tab, right?

Or are you saying that in your automations on the Apps tab the devices have disappeared?

Maybe a screenshot of exactly what you are seein would help. Honestly i am not sure if this is a problem with Alexa or Hubitat based on what you said above.


The app menu has an item called Lights/Switches. My fan does not show up here; however it does show up on my dashboard I created and also in the Devices section.

How do I get it to show up on the App under Lights/Switches?

I don't actually use the mobile app, so I don't have any familiarity w/issues related to it, unfortunately.

@bertabcd1234 - any suggestions here?

If the device doesn't have switch capabilites like on/off commands, it won't show up here -- including if it's a "pure" fan device like many newer drivers are. That's my first guess...


The only reason I didn't think that was that his description makes it sound like they used to show up, but aren't there after the .135 update.

But good to confirm if they used to appear in the moble app.


Yes, these fan switches used to show up in the Mobile App uner the Lights/Switches section.

I've never had fan devices show up. It's only ever been literal light/switch.